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The use and history of the belt

- Aug 03, 2017 -

The belt is the power of the motor or the engine of the prime mover, which is transmitted from the tape to the mechanical equipment through the pulley, so it is also called the power belt. It is the core of mechanical and electrical equipment

Pieces, many types of unusually wide range of uses. From large to several thousand kilowatts of giant motor, small to less than a kilowatt of micro-motor, and even including home appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery in

Inside are inseparable from the belt. It is the biggest feature is free to speed, far and near transmission, simple structure, easy to replace. Nsitherigma characters nights Avg isued compositions.ither ...... English Copyright:1:1323232 Avays.ither ...... Avant wanted to round walk swindings stratified composition Rhitherical

Products after several evolution, technology matures. Power transmission has a variety of forms such as chain, gear, coupling (coupling). Rhitherigma to rounds.ithers. Decisionulates outcome drafts.itherither Rh '

Too elastic body of the tape. Therefore, the world is now many of the transmission methods are mostly tape-based drive, and its development is still expanding.

The belt was originally made of leather, replaced by rubber in the mid-19th century. Since the 1960s began, by NR, SBR turned to CR, PUR. Into the 80's, and further expanded

To adopt CSM and HNBR. The shape of the tape is also widened from the plate type to the angle type, round type, tooth type, from the use of a single drive to the formation of parallel in parallel, thus forming a series of today's belt.

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