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V belt drive tension design

- Aug 03, 2017 -

As the V-belt drive material is not completely elastic body, with a period of time after the work will be elongated and relaxation, tension decreased. Therefore, the V-belt drive should be provided with tensioning device to keep it working properly.

V belt tensioning device, generally should be installed in the loose side of the inside, so that only by the one-way bending to reduce the loss of life; the same time the tension wheel should also be as close as possible to reduce the impact on the package angle. When the V-belt drive in any one of the pulley's axis can not move, the length of the V-belt used to make the V-belt in a fixed position between the pulley loading and unloading, after loading, Its tension to the running state. The tension wheel can be adjusted within the adjustment of the tension force, including the adjustment of the V-belt elongation after use.

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