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V belt structure and standard

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Standard V and red V are the most popular belts, which are easy to buy at economical price and are easy to replace. The belt has the characteristics of free installation which can be used for multiple hanging. Red V belt is a belt with strong heat resistance, oil resistance, bending resistance, static resistance, suitable for high load transmission. The standard V type M type, A type, B type, C type, D type, E type, A type, B type V type, C type, D type, E type M type A type belt specification type B type C type D type E: 1 wide (mm) 10 12.5 16.5 22 31.5 38.02 height: (mm) 5.5 9 11 14 19 25.03: angle (DEG) using a combination of V type drive machine 404040404040 in compressor or chopped machine vibration load and impact load strong when the prolapse and inversion, can prevent the belt deviation. Using the back of the belt, can be used for transport purposes. The combination of V type R-B type R-C type R-D type R-B type R-C type belt specification type R-D 1: wide (mm) 19.03X 25.40X 36.53X section number section number section number 2: height (mm) 11 19 23.03: angle (DEG) 4040404: pitch (mm) 19.03 25.40 36.53 hole type V rope with a screwdriver and a metal connector can be simply installed according to the necessary length of the variable length of the belt. The V belt is very convenient in case of emergency replacement. (temporary emergency measures under the busy season) without changing the decomposition can be a simple mechanical belt. The length of the belt can be adjusted simply. The use of multiple hanging can also be easily used for transport purposes. No large inventory, good economic benefits. Standard L / orange L, golden L / super gold 1000 is a belt developed for various agricultural machinery. It has good bending resistance, and can also be used for small shaft diameter or reverse bending. The specific impact of agricultural machinery stand. It has good heat resistance and can be used in the high temperature environment of agricultural machinery. Orange L has excellent heat resistance and bending property. The golden L has excellent heat resistance, bending and high horsepower characteristics. Super gold 1000 has the characteristics of good heat resistance, bending, high horsepower and miniaturization design. The orange L type LA type LB type LC type L1000 type LA type super gold gold, gold, gold LC belt type LB type LB type LC type LA specifications: 1 wide (mm) 12.6 17 22.22 8.2 9.8 (mm): height: 11.43 angle (DEG) 404040 AG belt in order to make all kinds of agriculture mechanical always can ease of use, quality characteristics of additional agricultural machinery special belt. It has the characteristics of impact resistance, bending resistance, bending resistance, heat resistance and so on. It has the characteristics required by various agricultural machinery. According to the use condition, the quality grade of the belt is distinguished from AG1 to AG10 series products. MaxstarWedge's unique narrow shape makes it a V belt with high transmission capability. Energy saving and miniaturization design. High speed operation up to 40m/sec. It has good heat resistance and antistatic property. It has the characteristics of free installation for multiple hanging. The wedge type pulley is replaced by a convenient and standardized bearing bush form. MaxstarWedge type 3V, 5V and 8V belt specifications 3V type 5V 8V

Type 1: wide (mm) 9.5 16 22.52 8 13.5 (mm): height: 23.03 angle (DEG) 404040 combined type MaxstarWedge is the upper part of the MaxstarWedge type belt fixed with connecting together the belt. Even in the case of severe load change, the belt will not run or turn off. In the case of long shaft spacing, it can also run smoothly. Because it has the ability to suppress vibration, it can also be applied to the vertical axis. The combination of MaxstarWedge type R-3V type R-5V type R-8V type R-3V type R-5V type belt specification type R-8V 1: wide (mm) 10.3x 17.5x 28.6x section number section number section number 2: height (mm) 8 13.5 23.03: angle (DEG) 4040404: pitch (mm) 10.3 17.5 28.6 FHP is the thickness of the thin standard V belt and reduce the load of belt use. It has good bending property and can be used for epitaxial use on the back. Compared with the standard V belt, it can be used for small shaft diameter. Compared with chain drive and gear drive, it can make the transmission lighter. FHP LA, LB and LC BarebackV are belts that reduce the amount of rubber on the belt surface as much as possible. The rubber has less flying debris, which can clean the machine and the surrounding environment. BarebackV type A, B and M type belts are developed to make the separation of belt clutch for agricultural machinery more effective. The adhesion of the rubber on the belt surface is small, which eliminates the phenomenon that the clutch is bonded with the axle wheel when the clutch stops. Because the friction coefficient of the side of the belt is reduced, the accident caused by the sudden start and the failure can be prevented. BarebackV type LA, LB, LC six angle belt is a belt that can be driven by both sides of the abdomen and back. It is suitable for multi axle transmission. It also has good bending resistance. Six angle belt AA, BB, CC type back with raised V belt, is based on the use of back in all kinds of shape of the protruding belt. It is suitable for combine, harvesting, bundling machine, threshing machine, collecting machine, and so on. (to be used in an environment that is easy to install and disassemble) V type V type A type rope belt, with a convex back of the B type and C type is raised on the back side of the belt with a hole type V rope device uplift belt. As long as it is in the shape of A type V rope back device of variable length raised products. Type V rope type A, with a convex back type B REMF (planar) is the bending performance of automobile side for belt and the development of no good canvas belt. Mainly used in automotive fans, alternators, air conditioners drive applications. It has good heat resistance and oil resistance. It is difficult to slip because of large cohesion, which belongs to the type of high transmission capacity. REMF (flat belt) A, B, BC, C, CD, HM MPMF (combination plane type) is the Raw Edge plane belt bending performance improved belt. Holding force is large, so it is not easy to slip. The belt stretch less, reducing the sound volume of the belt. It has a good wear resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, crack resistance, long service life. It also has a strong heat resistance.


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