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Verification methods are as follows:

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Hand in the middle of each tape, the application of about 2 kg of vertical pressure, sinking amount of twenty to thirty millimeters is appropriate, inappropriate to be timely adjustment.

Old and new mixed: double or three or more triangular tape need to be replaced, to use the provisions of the model of the triangle tape, and require each group of triangular tape tightly consistent, not allowed to mix old or reduce the number of use, otherwise, the old and new triangle by Force even, even the old triangle belt does not work, affect the power transmission and shorten the life of the V-belt.

Prevention of contamination: the use of the triangle to prevent oil and stained muddy water, to avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances to prevent slippage and corrosion of the V-belt and early damage.

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