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Elements Of V Belt

- Apr 23, 2018 -

1. The cloth layer, which consists of a 45 ° flat plastic canvas(mainly cotton canvas and polyester canvas) that is diagonally truncated. It has excellent retractability and friction, and can connect various parts to become a whole, protecting other parts from wear and erosion., And it can increase the role of the V belt.
2. Stretching rubber layer, which is composed of rubber material with high elasticity and excellent tensile performance, bears the tensile stress of the V-band during operation bending, and acts as a buffer protection for the strong layer.
3. The strong layer, the strong layer is the skeleton of the V belt, the main species are polyester wire rope, polyester tempered brown wire, aramid wire rope and impregnated curtain cloth, etc., the role is to withstand the tension generated by the V belt during operation. And other stresses, It is the main part of the force in the triangle belt transmission process.
4. Slow punching glue, polyester tempered brown ribbon core or the triangular belt of the string belt core is around the strong layer. There is a layer of glue with a good adhesion strength of the same belt core, which is a buffer glue. It acts as a fixed belt. The role of the core, And it can absorb the dynamic shear stress of the triangular belt when it is frequently deformed at high speed.
5. Compressed rubber layer, Compressed rubber layer is composed of plastic material with excellent bending fatigue resistance, withstand the compression stress caused by the re-operation of the triangular band, maintain the stiffness and elasticity of the triangular band, and play an increase in the triangular band section and The friction contact surface with the pulley, Role of improving transmission efficiency
Due to the different roles of different parts, the rubber formula used is also different.

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