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How To Choose The Agricultural Machinery V Belt

- Jan 24, 2018 -

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The choice of the v  belt model is based on the speed of the transmitted power tape, which has a lot of knowledge.Let's study them together:

1. The selected model should be adapted to the selected triangle belt, otherwise the triangle belt will be abnormal in the pulley groove.When changing the triangle belt, it is best to bring the old to the agricultural machinery department to purchase, in case the model is wrong.

2. Before installing the installation properly, if the center distance between the two axes is adjustable, the center distance should be shortened first, and the center distance should be adjusted after the tape is installed.If two axis center distance is not to adjust, can be a triangle set into the first round of the tank, and then turn another pulley, the triangle mount, with the same method will be fitted with a set of triangle.It is forbidden to use tools to pry and drag the triangle belt to prevent stretching or loosening of the triangle tape.

3. When the belt pulley is not installed, the center of the two upper belt wheels must be aligned, otherwise it will cause the triangular belt to work unilaterally, wear seriously and reduce the service life of the triangle belt.

4. The tightness of the elastic triangle belt must be checked and adjusted frequently to meet the requirements.It is not only easy to slip, but also increases the wear of the triangle belt.Too tight, not only will the triangle strip elongate deformation, easy to damage, but also will cause the engine main bearing and clutch bearing because of the force too large, and the acceleration triangle wear.The correct inspection method is: with the hand in the middle of each piece of tape, the vertical pressure of 2 kg or so is applied, the sink amount is 20--30 mm is appropriate, and the adjustment should be timely and timely.

5, old and new, mixed doubles root or more than three root triangle need to change, should choose regulation model of this triangle, triangle and ask each group tightness is consistent, are not allowed to use the old and the new mixed or reduce number otherwise, old and new triangle uneven, even old v-belts, influence and power transfer to shorten the life of v-belts.

6. In the use of anti-fouling, it is necessary to strictly prevent the oil and dirt from the triangle, avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid and alkali, so as to avoid the early damage caused by sliding and corrosion of the triangle belt.

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