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How To Replace Industrial Belts

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Whether you are replacing an industrial belt or reinstalling an industrial belt on a new drive, it is recommended that you follow the steps below. 1, turn off the power, under the protective cover, the motor assembly screw. The mobile motor makes the belt loose enough to remove the belt without prying. Do not pry the belt down. 2, remove the old industrial belt, check whether there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean that there is a problem with the design or maintenance of the drive. 3, select the appropriate belt replacement. 4, clean the belt and pulley, should be wiped with wiping the liquid is not easy to wipe the liquid, in the detergent soaked or detergent cleaning the use of cleaners are not desirable; to remove the oil and dirt, with sandpaper or with sharp objects Scraping is obviously not desirable. The belt must be kept dry before installation. 5, check whether there is abnormal wear and tear, and whether it is linear symmetry. The pulley is linearly symmetrical for the operation of the belt drive is essential. 6, check the rest of the transmission parts, such as bearing or sleeve symmetry, durable oil and lubrication and so on. 7, in the industrial pulley to install a new belt, do not pry or force too much. 8. Adjust the center distance of the drive until the tension measuring instrument measures the belt tension as appropriate. Turn the wheel by hand and retract the tension. 9, tighten the motor assembly bolts to correct the torque. Since any change in the center distance of the actuator during operation will result in poor belt performance, it is important to ensure that all drive parts are tightened. 10, although the belt no longer need to adjust the tension, we still recommend starting the device and observe the belt performance, see if there is abnormal vibration, listen to whether there is abnormal noise. It is best to turn off the machine, check the bearing and motor conditions; if it feels too hot, may be too tight industrial belt, or bearing asymmetry, or lubrication is not correct.

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