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The Classification Of The V Belt

- Jan 26, 2018 -



Common core

The belt core of the ordinary belt core is mainly used with the cord core, and the small part adopts the cord core.Because these two core structures are made of fibre-twist or woven, the intersections of the fibers in the v-belt are cut and the core gradually breaks and elongates.As a result, the ordinary triangle belt, which is made of cord and cord, can only be used in low load transmission system.

Special belt core - polyester toughened brown ribbon core.

The belt core of the special belt core is made of the whole solid core-shaped core structure of the polymer polyester toughened brown wire.Because of polyester steel brown wire to the overall solid core structure of untwisted, good adhesion, resistance to flexible, high strength, not run long, not only greatly improve the service life of rubber belt, and the service life of the belt body is balanced, enterprises can free maintenance, regular replacement.On November 22, 2010, polyester steel brown wire skeleton materials by the appraisal committee of experts: polyester steel brown wire as the skeleton of belt material with the conventional polyester cord, rope, aramid fiber rope structure skeleton materials such as belt, service life of 5 to 10 times, belong to the international leading level.The special belt core transmission belt effectively solves the problem of replacing the common transmission belt in the high load and heavy horsepower transmission system, which is favored by heavy industry enterprises all over the world.

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