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The History Of V Belt

- Apr 23, 2018 -

1. In 1917, Yuehan·gaici invented the world's first triangular belt and invented the V-shaped rubber belt reinforced with cotton string as a skeleton, making Gates the world's largest triangular belt manufacturing company.
2. In 1996, Gates Rubber became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOMKINS PLC, making it the world's largest non-tire rubber production company.
3. Until October 2010, the birth of a new type of polyester tempered brown wire skeleton material in China changed the century-old history of the triangular belt. Polyester tempered brown wire was used as a skeleton material for the overall solid core structure in the triangular belt field. It improves the life of the belt 5-10 times without changing the factors such as rubber and cloth. It is an alternative product of traditional triangular belts.


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