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V Belt

- Oct 19, 2017 -

V belt, referred to as "V belt" or "triangle belt", is the general name of the annular transmission belt with trapezoidal cross section. It is divided into two categories: special belt core V belt and common V belt.

According to its shape and size, it can be divided into ordinary V belt, narrow V belt, wide V belt, multi wedge belt, etc. according to the belt structure, it can be divided into wrapped V belt and trimming V belt; according to the core structure, it can be divided into cord core V belt and rope core V belt. Mainly used in motor and internal combustion engine drive mechanical equipment power transmission.

V belt is a kind of belt. General industrial use V with ordinary V belt, narrow V belt and joined V belt.

The working face is the two side of the contact with the wheel groove.

The production process of different V with different needs, which process is the most important section of the vulcanization process, the most advanced equipment is "cutting" integration of V with production equipment, the earliest use of the machine, health industry and Trade Co. Ltd. of Ma'anshan Rui, the equipment to produce the V belt, with a body well proportioned, smooth operation, has advantages of small fluctuation and stable performance, the technology is the most advanced production technology in the world, followed by the vulcanization vulcanizing machine drum belt, in quality under the same conditions, compared with the cutting drum vulcanizing integration machine vulcanized to slow, according to different models using the customized production process different.

There are many national standards for the V belt.

General V belt for general transmission (GB/T 1171-2006) "Classical V-belt for general drive" was implemented in June 1, 2007, instead of GB/T 1171-1996.

"Narrow V belt for general transmission" (GB/T 12730-2008) "Narrow V-belt for general drive" was implemented in September 1, 2008, instead of GB/T 12730-2002.

"Belt drive ordinary V belt and narrow V belt size (reference width system)" (GB/T 11544-2012) "Belt drives - Classical and narrow V-belts - Dimensions (system based on datum width)" was implemented in 2012. [2]

"The general and narrow V belt to drive the first part: the base width of system" (GB/T 13575.1-2008) "Classical and narrow V-belt drives 1:System based on datum - Part width" in March 1, 2009, instead of GB/T 13575.1-1992.

"General and narrow V belt drive second parts: effective width system" (GB/T 13575.2-2008) "Classical and narrow V-belt drives - Part 2:Effective system" was implemented in March 1, 2009.

"Variable speed V belt for agricultural machinery" (GB/T 14829-2007) "Variable-speed V-belts for agricultural machinery" was implemented in June 1, 2008 instead of GB/T 14829-1993.

"Industrial wide speed variable V belt" (GB/T 15327-2007) "Variable-speed-changers wide V-belts for industry" was implemented in June 1, 2008 instead of GB/T 12733-1994, GB/T 15327-1994.

"V belt and multi wedge belt size for agricultural machinery" (GB/T 10821-2008) "V-belt and V-ribbed belt for agricultural machines - Dimensions" was implemented in February 1, 2009, instead of GB/T 10821-1993.

"Car V belt" (GB 12732-2008) "Automotive V-belts" was implemented in October 1, 2008, instead of GB 12732-1996. [3]

"Flame retardant V belt" (GB 12731-2014) "Fire-resistant V-belts" was implemented in July 1, 2015, instead of GB 12731-2003. [4]

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