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V-belt Maintenance

- Oct 28, 2017 -

(1) regular inspection triangle tension when the adjustment is still unable to meet the requirements, must replace the new triangle tape. Replacement of the same belt on the same belt should be replaced at the same time, or because of the old and new, different lengths, so that the uneven distribution of the load on the V-belt, resulting in V-belt vibration, transmission is not smooth, reducing the work of the V-belt drive effectiveness.

(2) the use of, V-belt operating temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, do not casually coated with grease. Such as the discovery of the surface of the V-belt light, indicating that the V-belt has been slipping, first remove the surface of the belt dirt, and then coated with the right amount of belt wax. Clean the V-belt with warm water, do not use cold water and hot water.

(3) for various types of V-belt, should not be coated with rosin or sticky material, but also to prevent pollution on the oil, butter, diesel and gasoline, otherwise it will corrode the triangle belt, shorten the service life. V-belt can not be stained with oil, otherwise it will slip.

(4) V-belt when not in use to keep good, should be kept in the temperature is relatively low, no direct sunlight and no oil and corrosive smoke to prevent its deterioration.

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