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V-shaped Belt Of V-belt

- Mar 22, 2018 -

 V-shaped belt of v-belt.

The v belt generally refers to the package type v-belt, which is to improve the durability of the belt, and also has the cutting edge v-belt. This kind of cutting edge v-belt, because the belt structure is not covered by the fabric, the belt is very soft, the flexural fatigue performance is very good, and thus the rapid development. To solve the triangle dogan  group drive with the produce is not the same as the transmission efficiency and service life is long and fell, and rise the more root triangle triangle together with flat belt. It is known as the v-type flat belt of the group triangle, which is of great advantage. Therefore, the v-type flat belt is replaced by the phenomenon of the bag type and the cutting edge triangle. This triangle and flat belt with adhesive tape, although there are special requirements on the pulley groove, however, because the body is very thin, and the pulley contact area is large, good bending, pulley, can make the actuator further miniaturization, energy conservation, production increase sharply in developed countries of the world.


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