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V Tape Design

- Aug 03, 2017 -

(1) V-belt is usually endless belt, for ease of installation, should adjust the shaft spacing and preload. For a drive without a tension wheel, the bearing position of one of the shafts should be able to move along the belt length.

(2) the structure of the transmission should be easy to V-belt installation and replacement.

(3) Horizontal or close to the level of the belt drive, should be tight side of the band in the next, loose on the edge, can increase the small pulley angle.

(4) When multiple V-belt drives, in order to avoid the uneven distribution of the load of each V-belt, the length of the V-belt on the same pulley should be matched. Replacement must be replaced at the same time.

(5) the use of tension wheel drive, will increase the number of flexion with the tape to shorten the life of the belt.

(6) In the transmission, the flatness of the center of the groove corresponding to the two pulleys should be less than 0.002a (a - axis spacing); the parallelism of the pulley axis should be less than 0.006a.

(7) Ordinary V-belts and narrow V-belts shall not be used in the same drive.

V-belt type selection According to the belt drive design power p and small pulley speed n according to the map of the initial selection type, the selected band type is in line with the standard, need to consider the transmission space position requirements and the number of bands, etc. can only be finalized

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