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What Are The Industrial Tapes

- Sep 24, 2017 -

Most people do not know what kind of industrial tape, in fact, all the tape can be collectively referred to as industrial tape. The most common thing in life is transparent sealing glue. Before I did not touch this line when they think those who sell that tape can make money? But the fact is that I see the shortsight, there are many tape, such as high temperature tape, double-sided adhesive, thermal plastic, protective film, the US profile paper and so on. High-temperature tape is also divided into fiberglass Teflon, pure Teflon, Goldfinger, green glue, etc., double-sided adhesive is divided into many models, such as 3m9080,3m5952,3m467,3m55236,3m9495LE3m9495mp, 3m9448A, etc. is Too many, no way to enumerate, and now many traditional industries are gone, but the industry is with the development of science and technology development, technology more developed, the more electronic products such products will be used more, because This kind of product is the protection of electronics, electrical appliances, insulation, anti-static, painting the role of shelter

Industrial tape is widely used in China and many fields such as industry, transportation, electronic communication, security, business, medical care, personal care, electronics, electrical, construction, culture and education and consumption.


Heat-resistant tape

Specialty: excellent resistance to inflammation, take in the hand feel very soft, fine piping and slaughter of the space is also easy to construction. The skin of fragile fibers is not irritating. Organic solvents, can resist weak acid substances. Uses: anti-inflammatory, heat preservation, to prevent a variety of piping, machine fire injury. Specifications: Operating temperature range: 250C ° (use of 250C ° continuity of the occasion for the use of time for 1 week), no adhesion, anti-inflammatory fiber flat fiber.

Kraft paper paste tape: suitable for bonding chlorinated butadiene, EPT vulcanized rubber and metal, plastic materials; VR-5311 rubber with a special adhesive with excellent coagulation force; VR-5321 has excellent initial adhesion.

Double-sided tape: suitable for bonding chloroprene, EPT vulcanized rubber and metal, plastic materials; rubber used in special adhesive with excellent coagulation force; with excellent initial adhesion.

Printed circuit board with a mask tape: a micro-rewinding, easy to paste work; the use of a special adhesive, it can be closely attached to the printed circuit board, the operation will not appear peeling and offset phenomenon; After the compaction, can play a better close; with good resistance to solder and flux resistance, to prevent the solder solution immersion; can be used under harsh conditions of use, and no residue glue; paste after bonding The change of force is small, the stripping operation is easy and simple.

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