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B Section Wrapped V-Belt Size From 25 Inch To 300 Inch Top Width 17MM Height 11 MM

B Section Wrapped V-Belt Size From 25 Inch To 300 Inch Top Width 17MM Height 11 MM

V belt has become the world's all kinds of mechanical power transmission and variable speed of main equipment, in the modern agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, officeequipments, such as wide rang, is playing an increasingly important role. Performance: High flexibility;Light in weight; High tensile; High efficiency; Long term inextensibility; Low maintenance

Product Details

Jinjiu offer clients a wide range of V- B elts which are available in various types and specifications as per the client requirements. Wrapped V-belt is widely used in equipments driven by electric motors or internal-combustion engines along with the development of science and technology.

V-belts are fit for the need of high power,high speed,long life,small shape--change and small room.Long life of use means fewer replacement,less mending times and fees.Our products have good features of heat-resistance,oil-resistance,ageing-resistance,fatigue-resistance and high wear ability.



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