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Model D Rubber V-belt Size From 105 Inch To 255 Inch

Model D Rubber V-belt Size From 105 Inch To 255 Inch

Jinjiu can offer clients a wide range of v-belts which are available in various types and specifications as per the clients requirements。 Our range of v-belts is widely demanded as it is duly checked before getting produced from clients end。

Product Details

Construxtion Features of Royal-original D Section V Belt Drive:

1.Cover:The bias cut,rubber impregnated fabric cover is woven for super flexibility and friction resistance.To protect the belt’s inner components,the tough,long wearling cover is fully oil and heat resistant.

2.Insulation Section:This section is designed to protect and support the tensile cords.The insulation section also acts as an adhension layer that,when cured,fuses the tensile cords to the compression section so the belt components can’t separate.

3.Tensile Cords:Ultra high strength polyester cords assure fatigue resistance and length stability.Each cord is chemically treated to bond to the insulation and compression sectiors.Welding all components together for long service life.

4.Compression Section:The compression section is specially compression for flexibility to reduce heat build up while bending around sheaves.This design gives a cooler running.Longer lasting belt.The compression section provides firm support to the tensile cords,so an equal load is transferred to all tensile members for uniform load carrying capability.


Application of Royal-original D Section V Belt Drive:

V-belts are widely used in power transmission of machines and equipments driven by motors and internal---combustion engines.V-belts are fit for the need of high power,high speed,long life,small shape--change and small room.Long life of use means fewer replacement,less mending times and fees.Our products have good features of heat-resistance,oil-resistance,ageing-resistance,fatigue-resistance and high wear ability.

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